Saturday, 6 January 2018

Friday, September 8th, 2017

God made us as a three part being.  One part is the outer shell that we call the body, the inner part is called our soul, (our mind, will, and emotions) and the third part is our spirit.  God has put each person in charge over all three parts of who they are.  We are to look after our body, to renew our mind, and to follow our spirit.  When God speaks to us He considered all three parts of who we are and thus when He speaks, He speaks to the whole person.  When we speak to others we can make the mistake of only addressing one area of who they are because that area has received our attention.  Wisdom from God would be to follow His example and look deeper, look beyond the surface of the current problem that has captured our attention and consider the whole person.  How are you doing today... physically, mentally, and spiritually?  When you look at others the way God sees you, you'll be able to speak to others the way God speaks to you.  My confidence in you is high.
This Saturday, tomorrow evening 7-9 at the school (our church) the Youth are invited for an evening of fun and fellowships and making friends.  
Sunday morning I'll be sharing, 'Why Me Lord?'  Why do we go through things that conflict with our faith?  That little voice in our mind that accuses us, 'I thought you were a Christian?' 
It's now September and a lot of our church programs are starting up.  Join in where you can and go deeper in the things of the Lord.  Some people have asked about being Baptised, please let Pastor Bruce know if you are wanting to do that.  Also if you have recently renewed your faith and have accepted Jesus and would like to learn more, there will be New Life classes offered
Continue to pray for all those in need, lots of love, looking forward to seeing you soon, Pastor Kevin and Alice.       

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