Friday, 20 September 2013

Friday, September 20th, 2013

We shall bless the Lord at all times His praise should be continually in our mouth.  In life we learn about being either right or wrong.  We spend 13 plus years in school being corrected if we are wrong, fail if we are wrong, punished, mocked, embarrassed, laughed at, and belittled so we grow up looking at right as the right way to do everything  and wrong as not an option.  There is nothing wrong with being right unless you always have to be right.  Why?  Because we all make mistakes, we don't know everything, some of what we know is not right, and sometimes there is a writer way than our way.  Romans 11:33 "Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out!"  There are some things about God that we don't know and even what we do know is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.  None of us want to be wrong but all of us need to walk in unity and love.  At times we may even be considered wrong in the eyes of others and yet right in the sight of God.  Lighten up, give yourself some slack, if you had to always be right then you could never become the weather person.  Don't allow past wrongs to be your present problem but rejoice for His mercies are new every morning.        
This Sunday morning I'll be sharing on, 'Dealing With Loss.'  What do you do when you lose?  We fought well but didn't win, how do we get back in the game?  In the evening I'll be sharing on, 'Who Is Holy Spirit?'  When we look at the Holy Trinity we can have a hard time to understand who the Holy Spirit is and what part does He play in our lives.
Next week Alice and I leave for our National Conference in Calgary.  I am the area director for the Canadian Fellowship of Christian Ministries (CFCM) in Atlantic Canada.  This conference is held once a year to give an opportunity to come together with hundreds of other pastors and leaders from across the nation to be refreshed in the presence of the Lord.   
Continue to pray for those in need.  Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, lots of love, Pastor Kevin and Alice

Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday, Sepember 13th, 2013

Praise the Lord as we come to understand that He works all things together for our good.  He works on us like making a special soup.  He takes some things that taste good and mixes them with spices that by themselves may not taste so good and when it's finished we taste and see that the Lord is good.  All the things that came to you worked together in you to produce the wonderful person that you are.  It's having the attitude of gratitude for what comes your way that reveals to those around you that you do understand that there is a process.  If the Lord promised to make you a winner, then believe that what you have is what God needs to make a winner out of you. 
This Sunday morning I'll be sharing on, 'The Power Of Silence.'  There is no degree you can receive that teaches you how to listen but without having the wisdom to listen you will never gain the understanding that you need to know when to speak.  Sunday evening there will be a Water Baptism Service at Maurice and Barb Tobin's.  We have 9 people who have asked to be Baptised.  We look forward to this event as people who have accepted Jesus as Saviour and Lord follow the Lord in this way.  We will have some food and fellowship starting at 5 followed by the Baptism at 6.  
Continue to pray for those in need to be healed.  Looking forward to seeing you, lots of love, Pastor Kevin and Alice 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Praise the Lord for His goodness towards us each new day.   The Bible tells us that we are to wait upon the Lord and our strength will be renewed.  The art of waiting or being still and listening is a hard thing to do.  It seems like a silent conversation is no conversation at all.  Let's move it along, tell me what You want Lord so I can do it for in doing I find my identity.  God on the other hand looks at us as being His children and it's not based on doing but rather on being.  Listening to the Lord or others is best done by those who don't already think that they know it all.  It's amazing the wisdom that I have gained just by listening to others who don't see the world through my eyes.  Today listen....just listen.
This Sunday morning I'll be sharing on, 'Open Your Eyes.'  Do you know how to pray when you are confronted with a problem?  In the evening, 'God's A Giver.'  It's not a question about the God who gives but is there a receiving people?
Continue to pray for those in need.  Looking forward to seeing you, lots of love Pastor Kevin and Alice