Saturday, 6 January 2018

Friday, October 13th, 2017

Often as we are following God we will need His advice about how we should advance in a certain direction.   For me, I have heard the Holy Spirit give me three different answers.  The first one is the one I was hoping to hear, 'The Lord says, 'Yes, Now is the time.'  This is great news as I feel that I have the full support of Heaven.  The second answer that I have been given is, 'no, you are not ready.'  It's not that my direction is wrong but His answer means that I'm not mature enough yet to handle the issues that will arise from the direction that I'm going to take.  I have not been denied but I will be delayed until I am prepared.  His third answer is, 'Wait, now is the wrong time.'  This answer is the hardest to accept because we can't see into the future and thus we can't see what He is protecting us from.  As we all are His present day disciples we don't get to pick which answer we like but we are to accept and obey each answer He gives.  May we all grow stronger in every area of life and be able to give thanks for all things.  My confidence in you is high as the Lord is pleased to release greater and greater blessings to you and your house.
This Sunday morning Dr. Ann Gillies will be sharing with us the word of the Lord.  Ann has helped many people recover from many forms of trauma and dysfunction.  Sunday evening 7:30 Aroma, which is a part of our church worship team will be ministering songs of praise and worship that they have been anointed by the Lord to write.  This will be professionally recorded by Little House of Faith Productions.  All are welcome to attend this history making event.
Continue to pray for all those in need, looking forward to seeing you soon, lots of love, Pastor Kevin and Alice  

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