Friday, 11 December 2015

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Hi everyone, hope you are having a blessed day.  Last weekend Alice and I attended a leadership conference in Botwood Newfoundland.  I had asked Pastor Gordon Warr from Lewisporte to share about some things that he saw in good leaders.  Pastor Gordon started by saying that he was 83 years old.  He said that leaders have to be ready to lead or they need to be prepared with the right information.  Then he said more important than just being ready was to have a willingness to lead.  Are you willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done?  He has seen many people who are ready as far as information goes but they are unwilling to do anything.  They may know more than the Pastor but are unwilling to help out.  On the other hand God in willing to use any willing heart and He equips them as they get started.  We have put so much importance on getting ready when the greater gift in any true leader has been a willingness to start.  You may not be as ready as someone else but if you are willing you shall have good success.  May each of us be willing to do something for our Savior and Lord Jesus to see His Kingdom come and His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.
This Sunday morning I'll be sharing on, 'Music and Dancing In Father's House.' Your approach to the runway of life has a lot to do with how you land.  Church is a place to celebrate the presence of the Lord as people are saved.  Sunday evening, 'Crazy People.'  Are there any crazy people in your life?  You know... people that are different than you. 
Continue to pray for all those in need.  Carl MacDonald in still in the Hospital in CCU.  
Lots of love, looking forward to seeing you soon, Pastor Kevin and Alice  

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