Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday, October 23rd, 2015

It's the big things in life that seem impossible to reach so why not build a bridge using the little things that we all can do.  Little acts of kindness may not seem like much at the time but together they bridge the gap and bring us into greater success.  Proverbs 30:24 "There are four things which are little on the earth, but they are exceedingly wise." What four things could it be? Is it you or is it me let's check the scripture to see.... Ants, badgers, locust, and spiders.  Why does the Lord find them to be so wise?  They all do the little things right and thus the Lord declares them to be very wise.  It's both those little mistakes that spoil us and the little right things that bring us success.  Focus on the right things and don't allow your last little mistake to stop you from doing the next little thing right.   Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest act of kindness. This is the secret to finding Godly success.Tonight is the, "Fellowship Youth Event."  All our Junior and Senior High students plus all their friends are invited to 171 Curry St. Howie Center.  Starting @6 going till 9 there will be lots of food, fun, fellowship, and fireworks.     
This Sunday morning I'll be sharing, "Buying In...Into You."  When Jesus comes into our life He brings many wonderful gifts.  We need to buy into the fact that its Christ in us that is our hope and start to see our life from His point of view.  Sunday evening Pastor Mark will be sharing the Word of the Lord and it's always an exciting time to believe God for a miracle. 
Next Sunday is Family Sunday and we need everyone to be involved with our vision to reach our world.  By inviting a friend to come with you, you bring them to a door of opportunity.  It's the opportunity of a lifetime for them to receive the abundant life that's found in Christ.  I will always be eternally grateful for those that invited me.  Don't forget to fill your Christmas Child Shoebox.    
Continue to pray for all those in need.  Looking forward to seeing you soon, lots of love, Pastor Kevin and Alice

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