Friday, 8 February 2013

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Hello and praise the Lord for another glorious day.  There is an interesting story in the Bible how Jesus and His disciples came across a blind man and how the disciples asked Jesus a question.  ‘Who sinned, this man or his parents?’  They gave Jesus an interesting question with the two most common answers.  Jesus said that neither one of their answers were correct.  It shows us that when the world limits our circumstances to two choices, our God has other ways to set us free.  Jesus said that this blindness was to reveal the power of God.  What?  Who wants to be blind to reveal the power of God?  I don’t see a long line forming.  Jesus spits on the ground and puts the mud on the blind man’s eyes and his sight is restored.  We see many pictures of Jesus but I don’t recall seeing any pictures of Jesus spitting.  We tell our children not to be spitting but Jesus spit. So often we look at these stories and don’t understand what the Lord is saying.  Think about it today, you may not have all the answers and His answer may not be the one that you want to hear.  Jesus is preparing us for our future so we can’t determine all that is ahead of us based on all that is behind us.  Look up and expect freshness from our Lord.
This Sunday morning, the Lord willing and weather permitting, I’ll be sharing on, ‘Hidden Treasure.’  The Bible tells us that God has hidden treasure around us but I am afraid that we often overlook where He hid it.  Sunday evening, ‘Bones In Your Closet.’  Bones by themselves have no power but you can empower bones to bless you or empower bones to hurt you.  What have you been doing with your bones? 
Continue to pray for those in need.  Hope to see you on Sunday, lots of love, Pastor Kevin and Alice

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